L'Esguard and Alàbriga are the perfect symbiosis of luxury and avant-garde. Situated on the rocky coast of the Costa Brava in the bay of Sant Pol, Alabriga Hotel stands out with its recognizable silhouette, reminiscent of a cruise ship, and offers services of the highest level. The inclusion of L'Esguard in the Hotel´s gastronomic offering is a logical move. Sharing Alàbriga´s main concept, Excecutive Chef Dr. Sánchez Romera is always inspired by nature when he creates his dishes.

In an elegant and cozy atmosphere, L'Esguard Alàbriga restaurant offers its diners gourmet cuisine paired with the best national and international wines.



Miguel Sánchez Romera is undoubtedly a unique Chef in the world of gastronomy.

His training as a neurologist has brought a very personal, authentic and original touch to his work as a Chef.

He approaches cooking from three angles: scientific, health-consious and artistic. The Chef believes that matching those three elements is his true mission in the culinary world. He always takes creativity to the extreme: his only limit is that the food remains natural and healthy, while his main motivation is the maximum pleasure that the diner experiences tasting the food. This has been the main focus of his work for the past 20 years.

Miguel sees the diners the same way that he sees his patients: "Health and well-being are the main objectives and must remain intact throughout our existence."

Vegetables Checkerboard in 3 declinations: fresh, dried and in broth


Sánchez Romera's current style is the culmination of the Сhef's culinary career.

The Сhef's first culinary experiments began in his home kitchen. Eventually, he became a self-taught chef. Later, as a highly demanded professional, he gained a lot of experience working in the best restaurants in Barcelona, Tokyo, Yokohama, New York, Caracas, Beijing and Shandong... That finally shaped up his new culinary identity.

His current professional status and his vast multicultural experience allow him to express his culinary ideas with unlimited and unconditional freedom.


Chef Sánchez Romera's concept is based on preserving the qualities of local products, highlighting the flavors and aromas that reflect their true essence. His ultimate goal is to offer diners a unique sensation of traveling through our land using gastronomic tools. That means feeling all the contrasts and nuances that characterize "our sea, gardens and mountains".

Vegetables checkerboard transfromed into a butterfly.

Sanchez Romera Style
Photography is art and property of Oliver Brenneisen